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Can Nitric Oxide Hinder the functioning of your Brain?

Nitric Oxide is consumed by many, especially the male section of the society in order to build their muscles rapidly without much hard work. But are you aware of how Nitric Oxide can affect your brain and the other parts of your body?

Nitric Oxide acts as a messenger to all the cell membranes at the interior parts of our body and cannot be stored at a particular place. It is generally confined into a small area of the central nervous system influencing and contributing to the learning and other memory methods.

Generally a chemical present in the body of human beings, Nitric Oxide is produced with the help of an enzyme which is called Nitric Oxide synthase, and then turns amino acid – L-arginine to this Nitric Oxide and citrulline. Both these acids are helpful for the various functions of our body.

How does it affect your brain?

Just as for the rest of the body parts, Nitric Oxide is also one of the important message carriers to the brain which helps in the improvement of communication among the neurotransmitters, neurons and the storage and transmission of various information. NO, if produced or consumed in excess can develop into multiple numbers which hampers your brain.

Our brain produces cytokines, a pro-inflammatory germline when stressed which stimulates the production of the NO synthase enzyme. This enzyme eats up all the L- arginine generating many Nitric Oxides and then overpowers the rest of the other important chemicals hampering your brain.

What can be the causes?

Excess of Nitric Oxide Supplement can lead to person to various disorders and malfunctions that may prove fatal at times. It leads to-

  • Tremor

  • Loss of muscles

  • Weakness.

  • Dizziness many times a day.

  • Lack of sleep

  • Dementia.

MPTP is such a toxin that increases the production of Nitric Oxide in your body and also reduces the level of ATP production lessening the electric barriers that protects the brain cells and its receptors. This then leads to the leakage of calcium into the cells of your body which produces a free radical called Superoxide. This Superoxide when merges up with Nitric Oxide makes Peroxynitrate, a free radical. This radical kills huge numbers of cells inside the nigra causing these symptoms and disorders mentioned above.

Supplements of Nitric Oxide such as Lean Muscle Formula and Rip Muscle X are available in huge numbers in the market. High quantity intake of anything is never recommended and so is the case with Nitric Oxide too. Have a proper amount of it and better when consumed after consulting a doctor.

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